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The Hidden Treasures of Portugal

The Hidden Treasures of PortugalThe Hidden Treasures of Portugal


The cork oak tree, QUERBUS SUBER, grows in Portugal and other countries which border the western edge of the Mediterranean basin. The cork is harvested by removing the bark of the tree, every 9 to 10 year cycles. The cork tree must be approximately 25 years old before the first extraction (virgin cork) and then nine years shall be necessary for following harvests. Fortunately, the cork tree lives for 180/200 years which allows 15/20 extractions.


What makes cork such a unique product is it's properties and applications: Properties: lightness, elasticity, impermeability, insulation, resistance to wear, hypoallergenic and fire retardant. Applications: building, interior design, leisure, fashion and technology.

When buying and using cork products one is contributing to preserve a natural, renewable resource and important ecological environment in the western Mediterranean countries. 

Cork Place Mats made in Portugal from Bela Imports


Our cork place mats come in sets of 4, in either natural (#1210N) or mixed cork (#1210), and measuring 12" x 16". 

Ice Bucket & Coaster Set Made of Cork from Portugal


The handle and the inside of the ice bucket are opaque metal. The cork coaster set serves both as a bottle rest and a container for the six coasters. These monogram very well. 


Please call 919 949 1365 or email info@belaimports.com for more information, pricing on our cork place mats, ice bucket and coasters and to place your order.